How to Choose a Collision Repair Business

car is totaled

You can get mixed up finding a reputable and affordable auto body shop in Salt Lake City. Where the insurance provider covers the cost of repairs, you may choose from their list of approved dealers. 

When paying out of pocket, you should not simply select the cheapest shop without thinking about anything else. That could be very dangerous; cheaper isn’t always better.

In this article, learn the four most important things to look for in a local auto body shop. By following these steps, you can balance the quality of workmanship with affordability to get the best results for your car repairs.

Take Advantage of References and Reviews

Your first step is to verify the reputation of any facility on your list. If you don’t know where to begin, ask your friends, family, or work colleagues where they go for repairs. From your list of 3-5 shops, find out what reputations they have. You can even go online to check their reviews to make sure they’re trustworthy and experienced. 

If your list is incomplete, enter a search term like ‘auto body shop near me’ and then look at the online reviews on independent sites. 

Look for shops that do excellent work for a fair price. Don’t get carried away with outward appearances, though. The flashiest shop may not always be the best.

Visit the Shops and Get a Quote

When you have your list of three, call ahead to each shop and pay attention to their phone etiquette. You can tell tons about their customer service by how they talk to you on the phone. 

Ask for a written quote that includes an estimate of the labor hours needed to fix your specific problem. Shops will have different labor estimates and rates, and sometimes the final input could be further from the estimate. This is okay, provided the difference isn’t too big. 

Compare the labor hours on all quotations — they shouldn’t also be too different, as shops use standard reference guides.

Check Shop and Technicians’ Certification

Your ideal auto body shop in Salt Lake City should employ certified technicians, and their credentials will be displayed where you can quickly spot them. Check whether the shop has an endorsement for your make and model of car, although this is an added advantage. 

You should also see these certifications on their website when doing an online check. If you can’t see any certifications during your visit or on the website, call and ask them to send copies of their credentials via email. If you are visiting in person, ask the person in charge to show you.

Know the Questions to Ask

Whether on a phone call or in-person, ask the right questions to learn more about the business in a few minutes. Ask:

  • How long their warranty on bodywork is
  • How their warranty becomes void
  • Whether they have fire and theft insurance
  • What materials they will use–new, used, or aftermarket

With these tips, you should be able to find and partner with an auto body shop near you that meets your expectations for quality and price. 

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