Top Types of Unseen Car Damage Caused By a Collision

mechanic looking at car during collision auto repairs

Car collisions can cause immense amounts of damage, both seen and unseen. While visible damage is often easier to spot and address, it’s the unseen damage that can be cause for concern—especially if you’ve avoided taking your car in for some collision auto repair. Why Should You Identify Unseen Car Damage? It’s essential to identify […]

Is It Okay to Drive Your Car After an Accident? Your Post-Crash Checklist

woman looking at car in need of collision repairs

You’ve just been in a car accident, the police have been called, and you’ve exchanged insurance information with the other driver. Now what? Whether it’s a minor fender bender or a more serious collision, your first instinct may be to get back in your car and drive away. But is it really safe to do […]

Car Door Panel Repair: What You Need to Know

Hand pulling car door closed

Engine malfunctions and frame damage are big topics in automotive care, but car door panel repair often flies under the radar. Since it’s not frequently discussed, many car owners are left in the dark about what to expect or how the repair process unfolds. But don’t worry—we’ve put together a guide of what to expect […]

A Guide to the Factors Influencing Car Frame Straightening Costs

A car frame inside a white vehicle

If you’ve brought your car to the mechanic and realized you need your car frame repaired, you may be wondering how much it’s going to cost you. This repair is pretty complex and time-consuming, so your frame straightening cost might be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. But hold on—what exactly are […]

Your Guide to Auto Body Services: Bringing Your Car Back to Life After a Crash

Mechanic providing auto body services

Experiencing a car crash is traumatic—not just for you, but for your vehicle as well. No matter how big or small the damage is, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. But don’t worry! With the right auto body services, your car will return to life and look as good as new. Why Timely […]

Understanding How Auto Body Shops Differ from Auto Mechanic Shops

mechanics in auto body repair shop

Whether it’s a dent or an engine problem, knowing where to go saves time and stress. But with so many options, how do you make a decision? Two common choices are auto body repair shops and auto mechanic shops. While they may sound similar, these two types have distinct differences. Auto Body Repair Shops 101 […]

Top Reasons Why Your Car is Pulling to the Side and How to Get It Back on Track

person driving car that needs car frame repair

If you’ve noticed that your car is pulling to the side while driving, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible. Not only can this be a major safety concern, but it can also lead to further damage and expenses, like car frame repair. In this guide, we’ll discuss the top reasons why […]

How Aluminum Auto Body Repairs Work: What You Need to Know

mechanic looking at aluminum auto body repair

Aluminum is becoming increasingly popular in vehicle production—you might even own a car or truck with an aluminum body. But what happens when your aluminum auto body is damaged? How do you get it repaired? In this guide, we’ll look closer at aluminum auto body repair and what you need to know. What is the […]

How to Navigate the Repair Process: Front-End Repair vs. Rear-End Repair

two motorists exchanging details after a rear end collision

Have you experienced the chaotic aftermath of a car accident? The overwhelming stress, the looming concern for injuries, the daunting insurance claims, and the inevitable vehicle repairs all pile up to create a whirlwind of uncertainty. In this blog, we’re diving into the world of post-crash repairs, focusing on the intricate differences between front-end and […]

How Opting for Low-Cost Dent Repairs Might Actually Cost You More

mechanic working on auto dent repair

If your car has just been involved in a minor accident (or you’ve slightly nudged the mailbox as you backed out), you might be tempted to opt for a low-cost auto dent repair service. After all, why spend all that money on such a small issue? However, what may seem like a cost-effective solution at […]

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