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Restore your vehicle’s clarity and visibility with headlight cleaning and restoration.

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What is Headlight Cleaning and How Does it Work

Headlight cleaning and restoration is an effective way to ensure that your vehicle’s headlights are always in peak condition. By removing the dirt, dust, and debris buildup on the headlight’s lens and restoring any oxidized plastic components to their original clarity, your car can be as good as new. Just look at the benefits you get when you get your headlights cleaned with Valley Collision:

  • UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Increased visibility and reduced fogging of headlights
  • Improved brightness for better nighttime driving
  • A like-new appearance to your vehicle
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How Often Should You Have Your
Headlights Cleaned?

The general rule is that you should have your car’s headlights restored at least once a year. This will ensure that the dirt, dust, and debris don’t build up over time and start to affect your vehicle’s visibility and performance—because the last thing you need on your late-night drive home is foggy headlights.

Signs Your Headlights Need to be Restored

Knowing when your vehicle needs repair can be a challenge, let alone restoration. But if you look out for the following, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time for a headlight restoration:

  • Headlights appear cloudy, foggy, or hazy
  • A yellowed look that dulls the output of your headlights
  • Visible imperfections in the lens itself
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How Do Foggy Headlights Affect
Your Vehicle’s Safety?

When your headlights are foggy or hazy, it affects visibility, which can adversely affect your safety. In turn, this can lead to a greater risk of an accident happening. So, it’s highly recommended that you have your headlights cleaned and restored regularly to ensure optimal visibility on the road. Thankfully, headlight restoration takes care of all these issues by restoring clarity to your vehicle’s headlights.

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Restore the clarity and visibility of your vehicle’s headlights with headlight cleaning and restoration from Valley Collision. Why wait any longer? Here is why you should work with Valley Collision: