Car Paint Repair

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Common Causes of Car Paint Damage

Car paint damage is an issue that’s caused by a variety of factors and can range from minor scratches to severe discoloration. Common causes include:

  • Accidents and collisions
  • Environmental factors (sun, rain, hail)
  • Scratches, dings, and vandalism
  • Oxidation and rust


Our Car Paint Repair Process

At Valley Collision, we understand how important your car’s exterior appearance is to you, and we take pride in restoring it to its original beauty. We assess the extent of paint damage on your vehicle and create an individualized plan for repair. Our car paint repair process includes:



The process starts with sanding and priming to prepare the damaged area for painting. This ensures that the new paint will adhere properly and last.



We then apply several coats of new paint. We paint match with high-quality paints to ensure consistency with the original color.



The finished product includes buffing and adding layers of lacquer to achieve a professional, glossy finish. We ensure the repaired area blends seamlessly with the rest of the vehicle.

When Is It Safe to Wash or Wax Your Car After Painting?

It’s crucial to wait before washing or waxing after car paint repair to ensure the newly applied paint cures properly. It’s advisable to wait two weeks before washing your car with soap, and up to three months before waxing. Waiting long enough will help you preserve your car’s fresh coat of paint.

Why Choose Valley Collision?

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