When to Take Your Car to a Body Repair Shop

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If you get involved in a car crash but consider it only a minor fender-bender, think again. Even if your car receives a few dents or dings, it does not mean you should forget it and not have your car’s body inspected and checked. 

Instead, make it a point to visit a specialist in collision repair in Salt Lake City. Structural damage on a vehicle is not always seen, nor is it obvious.

Get a Thorough Inspection

Take your car to a body repair shop to check beneath the hood and underneath the vehicle for signs of structural damage. Your car may not be safe to drive. 

Even if you think your car looks okay, you still need to drop in at a shop that features collision repair. By taking this measure, you can safely drive your car and avoid future accidents. It is well worth the investment and added peace of mind.

Never Drive a Wrecked Car without Getting an Inspection

Sometimes, it is obvious that a car is not safe to drive. Have your car inspected immediately at your local facility for collision repair if:

  • The brakes are not functioning properly
  • You have problems with your lights
  • Steering is not working
  • Your car is out of alignment
  • You have issues with your suspension

Check the Airbags Too

After an accident, confirm the operation of your airbags. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, airbags and seatbelts both significantly reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities. 

Therefore, you should schedule a car body inspection to ensure the airbags still work correctly., because it’s your obligation to make sure your car is safe. 

Get a Post-Body Inspection 

Once you determine what repairs the body shop should make, it also helps to have a post-body repair inspection after the completion of the repairs. A body shop specialist should confirm:

  • The quality of the repair and the replacement parts used
  • The alignment of the body parts panel by panel
  • The paint thickness, if applicable, is even
  • The completion of hidden repairs beneath carpets or behind panels, including alignment, rust protection, and welding.

If you have to return a car to the bank, it legally needs to be repaired. Also, if you lease your car and get involved in a crash, you need to repair the car before you return it.

Getting an Estimate

If you submit a claim to your auto insurance company for body damage, they will need to get an estimate for the repair. Even if an estimate is higher, that does not mean the shop is overcharging you. 

If an adjuster recommends a shop with substantially lower costs than what you receive in estimates, be wary. You may not like the outcome. Perform a line-by-line analysis of the estimates you receive to make an informed decision. Make quality your priority.

Regardless of whether you get involved in a small or large crash, you should always have your car checked by a reliable shop that features collision repair. Doing so is the responsible thing to do, regardless of the type of accident.

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