Does My Dented Bumper Need Replacement or Repair?

Car bumper repair

Bumper damage is one of the most common vehicle repairs required after an accident. After a car crash, your bumper could either be just scratched or badly damaged depending on the impact. 

When it comes to bumper damage, every situation is different. Some bumpers cost more and when it’s an option, it is less expensive to repair it. Other bumpers are inexpensive and so replacement would be more cost-effective. An auto repair service will give you the best advice and let you know your available options regarding your bumper.

It’s important to take the right steps for your bumper depending on its post-accident condition. Repairing your severely damaged bumper instead of replacing it could leave you exposed to harm during any later accidents.

How Your Bumpers Protect You

Your car has a number of components that serve to protect and ensure your safety, and the bumper is a key one. Your vehicle bumper is designed to absorb the effect of a collision at the front or rear side of the car to protect you and your passengers. 

Vehicle guards have expanded covers made of either plastic or metal that encase energy-absorbing materials. Bumpers are built to hold any impact from the front or the back of your vehicle and limit crash damage. 

Currently, regular passenger vehicle bumpers have a solid strengthening bar under the outer cover with compressible foam or plastic beneath. In the US, passenger vehicle bumpers must be able to take a five-mph impact from another car without harming its body.

What Types of Collisions Cause Bumper Damages?

The severity of damage to your bumper depends on the type of collision. So how do you determine if your vehicle’s bumper requires fixing or replacement? 

Repairable Damages

Surface scratches

Most scratches can be covered through painting over the spot. More severe paint damage as with deep scratches may require sanding down or filling with compound to even the surface before painting. The auto shop will use paint matching to get the right color for your vehicle paint fixes.

Small vehicle dents

Minor bumper dents frequently happen with single collisions where the impact was minimal and isolated. If they are small in size and confined to one area, these dents can usually be repaired. It’s important that the dent did not result in damage to other portions of the bumper. Auto shops that offer dent repair in Salt Lake City can pull out the dent and repair any paint damage. 


Almost all cracks in bumpers are repairable. However, sometimes the cost of repairing the cracks is more than replacement. The best solution for each customer will differ depending on the cost of the specific bumper and the damage situation. This is why it is essential to consult a qualified auto repair shop about your bumper. They will be able to make expert recommendations for the least expensive option based on your specific situation.

Damages that Require Replacement

Broken fasteners or hooks

If any fasteners or hooks are missing, bent, or broken, the bumper will need to be replaced. Broken connections will not keep the bumper securely on the car. It is at risk of falling off the car while driving, and it won’t offer protection in a collision. However, if all the connectors on your bumper are in place and intact, then your auto body shop may be able to fix the alignment or reattach it. This requires the bumper to still be in otherwise good condition. 

Damaged car body

Accidents that affect your vehicle’s bumper can contribute to extensive damage to its frame. When your vehicle frame is twisted, bent, or cracked, it creates a significant safety risk. Even if your bumper doesn’t look severely damaged, if there is underlying car body damage, the bumper will not be safe. It should be replaced after the body repairs are made.

Widespread denting 

A bumper with a dent that extends a few inches across the bumper or with dents that appear in multiple places requires replacement. Standard dent repair will be less effective and successful on extensive damage. Safety is a primary concern, as the bumper when repaired will not offer much protection in another accident.

Get Your Car Bumper Repaired Today

If you’ve suffered bumper damage, it’s important to get a professional assessment. A qualified auto body shop will examine your damages and take care of needed bumper repair or replacement. Call and make an appointment for a free estimate at Valley Collision in Salt Lake City today.

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