Are Car Safety Features Helping to Reduce Your Risk of a Car Accident?

person using car safety features by putting on seat belt

In recent years, car safety features have come a long way. From seat belts and airbags to forward collision warnings and automatic emergency braking, car manufacturers are introducing more advanced safety technologies than ever before.

Research shows that advanced safety technologies help to reduce car accidents. Let’s take a look at some of the car safety features available in cars today.


When it comes to vehicle safety features, airbags are probably the most well-known. Airbags have been around since the early 1970s and have been proven to reduce car accident-related deaths by 34%. And with a seatbelt, this power duo reduces car accident-related deaths by 61%.

Because of their proven effectiveness, it wasn’t long until the federal government made it mandatory for car manufacturers to install them in all new car models. In 1998, this law was enforced and car manufacturers were required to equip all new car models with a minimum of two frontal airbags, initiating a new era of car safety features.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking can be a car’s saving grace. This safety feature uses sensors to detect when a car is getting too close to you and will brake automatically if the driver doesn’t take action. Studies have shown that car accident fatalities decreased by 13.22% and injuries decreased by 9.07% when using this car safety feature

Blind Spot Detection

Another safety feature that has helped in reducing car accident fatalities is blind spot detection. When driving there are certain areas that the driver can’t see when looking in the car mirrors. These areas are known as blind spots. Blind spot detection uses sensors to detect vehicles in adjacent lanes and alerts the driver so that they are aware of the vehicles around them.

Traction Control

If you live in an area where snow and ice are frequent occurrences, then safety features such as traction control can help to keep you safe on icy roads. This safety feature provides extra stability and grip on slippery surfaces by keeping your car’s wheels from slipping.

According to IIHS, “[stability control] reduces the risk of all single-vehicle crashes by more than 40 percent.” This high statistic echos that traction control is a necessity during those snowy days on the road.

What This Means For You

When it comes to car safety, the car features mentioned above are just a few of many that can help you reduce your risk of car accidents. It’s important to remember that safety features don’t replace the need for good driving habits. You should always make sure to drive with caution and obey all traffic laws.

While these features can’t prevent accidents on their own, they are there to help you reduce your risk of car accidents and help keep you safe. 

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