Airbag Deployment: Can Airbags Be Fixed After an Accident or Is Your Car Totaled?

airbag deployment

The classic airbag has saved countless lives in automobile accidents—in fact, as of 2017, the airbag has saved nearly 50,457 lives. But what happens to the airbag after it has been deployed? Can airbags be fixed and reused or does airbag deployment mean that a car is considered totaled?

You might have thousands of questions after an accident but the question of airbag deployment is important as airbags can mean the difference between life and death in a car accident.

How Do Airbags Deploy?

Airbag deployment is a fast-acting trick. They are designed to inflate quickly, usually within a few milliseconds. When the car is involved in a moderate to severe crash, a signal is sent to the airbag causing it to inflate. These life savers are made up of a nylon bag filled with gas-generating chemicals, and it is placed inside the steering wheel or dashboard.

When airbags are deployed, the gases inside the airbag expand and inflate it. The airbag then acts as a cushion to protect the occupants from serious injury.

When Is a Car Considered Totaled After Airbag Deployment?

Sometimes airbag deployment can make a car irreparable due to extensive damage caused by the airbags inflating. In this instance, the car may be considered a total loss. A total loss is when it costs more to repair the vehicle than its market value.

In other cases, deployment can cause extensive damage to the airbag itself or other parts of the vehicle, making it impossible to repair and thus, again, a total loss. It’s not all bad news though, there’s hope in other cases.

Can Airbags Be Replaced or Fixed After Deployment?

In some cases, airbags can be replaced and fixed after deployment. If the airbag has deployed though, it will need to be replaced as it is no longer safe for use and cannot be effective moving forward.

Replacing an airbag involves removing the damaged airbag and installing a new one in its place which can be done relatively quickly and easily. This is often the case if the deployment has caused minimal damage to other parts of the vehicle or airbag itself, making it a feasible replacement option and necessary for your safety. Always make sure to have the airbag checked out by a mechanic.

How Does Airbag Deployment Impact Accident Claims?

When airbags are deployed it often increases the cost of repairs or replacement, which can be factored into the accident claim.

However, it’s important to note that deployment should not affect the determination of fault in an accident, as airbags do not deploy unless a rapid deceleration occurs.

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