Which Utah Roads Are Most Dangerous?

most dangerous roads in utah for driving - freeway

If you’re from Utah, you’ve probably complained about the drivers here more than once. But a Google search will show you that most of the time, Utah doesn’t even appear on a list for the worst drivers in the country. In fact, Utah doesn’t even make the list a lot of the time.

Over the years, a few roads have been notorious for constant accidents or emergency vehicles blocking traffic. Some might say this is because these roads are in primarily populated areas and thus are more likely to get accidents. Others would point out that the streets themselves are hazardous, so crashes would occur even if they were empty. Open roads are the number one most common place where accidents occur, after all.

Either way, there are a few roads in Utah that warrant increased caution:

The Most Dangerous Roads in Utah


I-15 is one of the most dangerous roads in Utah. It’s frequented by freight trucks that are often carrying hazardous materials. The road’s narrow shoulders and sharp turns make it very easy for accidents to happen. Lighting can also be scarce along stretches of I-15, making it particularly frightening for new drivers or visitors unfamiliar with the street.

Route 6

There are many curves on route 6, which make it incredibly dangerous. However, what really makes it stand out is the lack of shoulders or space for drivers to pull over. If you do happen to go off the road, steep drop-offs could lead to severe injury or death.

Interstate 80

Interstate 80 has many steep, sharp turns to go from a four-lane road up to ten. They’re very close together, giving cars barely time to slow down before another turn. This can be incredibly difficult and dangerous if a driver doesn’t know the area well.

Mountain View Corridor

The Mountain View Corridor has a middle section that is only partially completed. It’s a single lane in each direction, and there are no streetlights or shoulders on the road. This makes it very easy to lose control.

How To Practice Safe Driving on Utah Roads

Practice Patience

A huge contributor to accidents is people being too impatient and not giving themselves enough time to slow down or stop before they reach an intersection. Rushing leads to lapses in judgment–it’s better to calm down and take your time. 

Watch for Road Conditions

Stay updated on weather conditions and warnings. Avoid traveling when conditions are unstable and hazardous. 

Before traveling in rain or snow, consider the quality of the road and what’s being transported on it. If you’re unsure what kind of freight is in a truck, wait until it has passed before continuing through an intersection or cutting in front of trucks with heavy loads. It takes larger vehicles with weighty loads longer to stop, especially in snowy and slippery conditions. 

Don’t Tailgate

Tailgating can lead to drivers changing lanes suddenly or not being able to brake in time. Always stay far enough from the car in front of you so you can stop quickly should you need to.

Don’t Use a Cell Phone Unless it’s Handsfree

If you have to be on your phone, pull off the road. There have been too many crashes caused by people being distracted by their phones. It’s a reckless action that puts lives at risk.

The Bottom Line

Safe driving may seem like a hassle, but it can save your life. Especially when driving on these dangerous roads, make sure to exercise caution.

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