Where Are You Most Likely to Get in an Accident?

Front end of car smashed

Attributed by some to be the leading cause of PTSD, getting into an auto accident is an unfortunate event that just keeps on giving. Not only are tens of thousands of people killed each year in auto accidents, but the majority of those who survive must contend with debilitating effects that can last many years. 

While fretting over avoiding accidents is a necessary caution, what always suits drivers the best is arming themselves with knowledge of exactly where (and how) accidents are most likely to occur!

That’s why we’ve done the research for you:

The Number 1 Place Where Auto Accidents Occur

While turns, intersections, parking lots, and anywhere with a mailbox appear as though they would pose the biggest threat to drivers, it is actually the open road where you are most likely to see some damage.

It is likely due to the fact that open roads have long stretches of miles for an accident to occur, and the bigger and more utilized a road is, the more traffic it will attract. The number one risk to drivers, deduced from this data, appears to be other drivers!

Coming in Close Second

While the open road poses the biggest threat to drivers, the location of the road also plays a part. Governmental data shows us that the overwhelming majority of auto accidents happen within 15 miles of a driver’s home—with a gentle flux in the percentages each year, but no significant ups or downs in the past two decades. 

This tells us that whether you are driving on the open road, or to the corner store, the closer you are to home, and perhaps, the more comfortable and “checked-out” you are while driving, the more danger you are in. 

The Third Location May Surprise You

While open roads carry the most danger, the statistics aren’t entirely cut and dry. Most accidents on open roads happen in two-lane, rural roads with speed limits under 30mph. While these accidents are less fatal than those found on highways and freeways, they cause plenty of vehicular damage and injury. 

Two-lane traffic allows more head-on collisions, so even when speeds aren’t relatively high, car-on-car contact is more likely. Rural roads have bends and turns, and despite having lower speeds, they are still more difficult to navigate than the highway, especially at night without proper lighting. 

The Fourth Most Likely Spot

Any time cars have an increased chance of contact with other vehicles, there will be more accidents—no matter the speed! Therefore intersections, especially left-hand turns, make the list of common accident sites. 

Taking any kind of turn, even in the absence of oncoming traffic, is a change in a trajectory that must be accounted for, not only by you but by all drivers on the road. Often enough, this recalculation just doesn’t happen quick enough. 

This is the biggest site for sideswipes, scraping, and full-on side collisions!

Number 5: Everyone’s Favorite

For scrapes, dings, and much unpleasant body damage, parking lots are a veritable Olympian arena of minor accidents. As what is essentially a pit full of vehicles, parking lots cause a significant amount of damage to vehicles every year. 

When you find yourself in one of these ghastly scenarios, by the time you see the damage done to your vehicle, the worst is already over, and it’s imperative that you get your vehicle to a Salt Lake collision repair shop as soon as possible.

Driving around with a damaged vehicle can be unsightly at best and unsafe at worst!

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