Most Dangerous Areas to Park

Regardless of whether your car is new or old, when you park your car in a parking lot, you expect to return to it in the same condition it was when you first parked it. But, unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are plenty of dangerous areas to park that you should avoid!

Every day, thousands of car owners return to their cars in a lot to find a dent that wasn’t there before. And, of course, the perpetrator is nowhere to be found, having quickly left the scene.

Whether the dent was caused by someone opening their door into your car, accidentally backing into your car, or even just being careless and pushing a shopping card too hard, you may need the aid of dent repair professionals. 

Consider some of the following tips about dangerous areas to park in order to prevent unnecessary dents on your car. 

Consider Safety Over Convenience

Everybody likes to get a parking spot close to whatever establishment they are going to. But with so many people vying for those close spots, there is an increased chance of someone accidentally denting your car.

It’s much safer to park farther away from the building in an area where there are fewer cars and foot traffic. This is especially true in supermarket parking lots where abandoned carts can easily roll or be blown into your car if they aren’t brought back to the cart return area.

Know Your Surroundings

Maybe there aren’t a lot of other cars around your proposed parking spot, but what about people? Is there a lot of foot traffic around? A busy street, in a college town, for example, could be a dangerous place to park. Likewise, if you are parking in a dangerous neighborhood. 

Parking in areas where people probably won’t care much about your personal property leaves it at a higher risk for scratches, dents, and damage.

Use a Car Cover

So, you’ve parked away from other cars and away from lots of people. But what about the weather? Parking out in the open or under trees during stormy weather is pretty unsafe. Falling tree limbs, blowing debris, or large hailstones can result in you having to call the dent repair professionals.

If possible, park in a covered area that helps protect your car from the weather. If such an area isn’t available, you might consider purchasing a car cover to use. Sure, it takes a little extra time in the parking lot, but you’ll be glad you used it if it keeps your car dent-free.

Don’t Park Next to Cars in Bad Condition

Avoid parking next to cars that exhibit their own dents and damage. It’s possible that the car owner was just a victim of a recent accident, but it’s also possible that they just don’t care about the condition of their car. And that means they won’t care about the condition of your car, either. 

The owner isn’t likely to be careful when opening their doors or loading groceries into their car, and being next to them increases the risk of your own car being damaged.

In Conclusion

Of course, sometimes no matter how careful you are at avoiding dangerous areas to park, sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

If you’ve returned to your car to find fresh dents and need to call dent repair professionals, don’t hesitate to contact Valley Collision. We can take care of your dents and other damages resulting from break-ins, accidents, and weather damage.

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