How Pros Fix Rust Damage

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Rust damage is an inevitable occurrence that you’ll have to deal with at some point. If you’re lucky, the rust will cause minimal damage to your vehicle, and a professional will help you get rid of it by sanding it. How do pros fix rust damage?

Sometimes people let the rust on their cars linger for too long. However, there are steps to take that can help your car return to its rust-free state.  If you aren’t familiar with rust and how it works, don’t worry. We’ll explain how rust occurs, how to prevent it, and what to do if your car already has rust. 

The Causes of Rust Damage

Rust is an electrochemical process that begins when a metal comes into contact with an acidic substance. The primary acidic substances that facilitate rusting in vehicles are moisture and air. These acidic substances form rust by oxidizing the metallic components of the vehicle. 

The acidic substances contain hydroxyl ions which react with the ions in Iron to form an oxide. This iron oxide, which is brownish, is what you commonly refer to as rust. The three basic forms of rust that affect vehicles are scale rust, surface rust, and penetrating rust. 

Scale rust is a potent form of surface rust that affects the entire vehicle. Surface rust affects the upper layers of the metal. Penetrating rust is the most severe as it leads to the development of holes in the vehicle.

The Most Susceptible Vehicles

Modern cars use a lot of plastic covers around the chassis underbody. This enables them to economize fuel consumption and increase their wind resistance. However, these plastic covers accumulate and retain moisture at a higher rate. 

This increases the susceptibility of modern vehicles to rusting. Modern vehicles are a huge financial investment. If you leave the rust unchecked, it can render the automobile unusable before you maximize its value. Your best shot at protecting your investment is to regularly check and remove the rust in its nascent stage.

How Professionals Fix Rust Damage

Professionals deploy different techniques to fix rust damage depending on their type. For surface rust, the professional sands off the affected area. The pro then applies a primer, paint, and a coat to the affected area. It’s easy to repair surface rust because it affects one area of the car. 

However, scale and penetrating rust compromise the entire frame of the vehicle. This poses safety hazards to the occupants. Professionals have to first assess the extent of the scale rust before they begin the repair. The assessment is of importance in the determination of the frame’s strength. 

If the frame is strong enough, the professional sands it to remove the rust. They then identify areas where holes have developed due to the rusting. They replace the components with holes with new ones. Afterward, the professionals apply primer to the entire vehicle. Then they spray it with fresh paint to give it a new look.

Why You Should Let Professionals Do the Job

There are lots of DIY guides on how to repair rust damage. Don’t let these videos dissuade you from engaging a professional. First, you won’t be able to accurately determine the extent of rust damage because you lack the expertise. Second, the rust might have compromised the strength of the vehicle. 

You’ll repair the rust but you won’t replace the frame. A weak frame won’t protect you in case of an accident. A professional’s expertise enables them to decide whether to replace a frame or not when there’s rust damage.

Get Expert Help

It is tempting to repair rust damage by yourself because of the cost-savings. Yet, conducting the repairs by yourself might end up being more costly. The plastic covers on modern vehicles conceal the presence of rust especially on critical components such as the chassis.

You’ll only notice when it’s too late to repair these components hence the need for costly replacements. Contact Valley Collision experts for timely check-ups and repairs that will save you time and money while keeping your car safe.

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