Frame Straightening After A Car Accident: Is It Safe?

Two Damaged Cars Involved In Road Traffic Accident Showing Smoke After Collision

In Utah, a car crash occurs every 8 minutes. After a car accident, you have to make a flurry of decisions. Do I need more medical attention? How will I cover my insurance bill, if I have one? Do I send my car to the junkyard or try to get it replaced? We’re here to help you with one of those questions: is your car completely totaled or could you salvage what’s left?

One option is to send your car off to a body shop and have them straighten out the frame. But is that safe? Well, it depends on the extent of damage done to the frame and how well it gets fixed!

What Is Frame Straightening & How Does It Work?

Frame straightening is the process of, you guessed it, straightening out a bent car frame. It’s typically done with specialized equipment that applies pressure to the frame until it achieves its original shape.

Your mechanic will attach chains to certain areas of the frame where straightening is needed. Hydraulic equipment then creates tension on these chains to pull the frame back into shape.

Once the frame has its basic shape back, your mechanic might weld, shape, and cut the frame to finish off the straightening. When very specific safety requirements have been reached, your car’s frame is ready to go.

This can be complicated because the frame makes up the base, or core, of your car’s strength. Many components of your car rely on the frame, so when it gets damaged, you could have damage throughout your vehicle. 

Is Frame Straightening Safe?

If your car has sustained frame damage, it’s important to consider the long-term effects. When a frame gets bent or damaged, it can compromise its integrity and affect how your car runs and handles.

That being said, if a qualified mechanic straightens the frame properly and thoroughly inspects the rest of your vehicle for damage, it can be safe. It’s important to always get a second opinion, preferably from a mechanic you trust, before making any decisions about repairing your car after an accident.

How Do I Know If My Car Needs Frame Straightening?

After an accident, the best way to find out if your frame is damaged is to head to a repair shop. Some signs that your car frame is bent include the car looking bent, uneven fitting of parts, bad alignment, or unusual noises. 

If you were in a minor accident and can’t tell just by looking at your car whether the frame needs work, it’s best to bring it in for a thorough inspection. Your mechanic can check the structural integrity of your car’s frame and advise you on whether straightening is necessary.

In the end, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to repairing a damaged car after an accident!

Is Frame Straightening Worth It? Or Should I Just Consider My Car Totaled?

Again, this depends on the extent of damage to your frame and car. If the cost for frame straightening and repairing other damage is close to or higher than the value of your car, it might be better to consider it totaled. Cars that have been in accidents tend to have a lower resale value than those that haven’t, so that’s something to consider.

But if you have a newer car or your frame can be fixed without too much trouble and cost, it might make sense to go ahead with the repairs. And don’t forget that a totaled car doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be fixed—you could always choose to sell it for parts.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but talking it over with your mechanic and insurance company can help you make the best choice for you and your car.

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