Can I Choose Which Collision Repair Shop to Use Through My Insurance?

Car technician working in engine bay of car

For the driver, the aftermath of the accident is dizzying. You have to deal with police reports, medics, and your insurance company. If you have the right coverage, your insurance helps pay for any vehicle damage.

Over their many years of business, your insurer has built relationships in the industry and created a network of auto repair shops. When you file a claim and your insurance covers the damages, the insurer recommends an auto body repair shop. 

Most car owners feel obligated to use the suggested car repair shop or even feel they have no other option. But that isn’t quite the case. It’s illegal for your insurance company to force you to use a specific auto repair shop, so you can choose where you get your car repaired.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t use the recommended auto shop. It just means that if you have a different preferred shop, you’re absolutely free to take your car there. Your insurance can’t force you to use an auto repair shop within their network. 

As a car owner, you might have a preferred auto shop where you can get trusted collision repair in Salt Lake City. Maybe this is a repair shop you have used before or one a friend recommended, and you’re assured of exceptional services. You can tell your insurer that you’ll be getting your car repaired there. 

Tips to Find the Best Collision Repair Shop

The first step to finding the best auto repair shop in your area is to do the research. Ask for referrals and recommendations from other car owners, read reviews and testimonials, and create a shortlist of the top collision repair shops.

Then, narrow down the list by considering the following factors:

  • Certification: Go for certified collision repair in Salt Lake City where the auto technicians have undergone manufacturers’ training for all car models.
  • Cost estimates: Ask for online estimates from multiple repair shops and compare the best rates. However, cost should not be the deciding factor. Instead, focus on the quality of service.
  • Location: Find an auto shop that’s easily accessible and local. 
  • Warranty: Look for an auto collision repair shop that offers the best warranty on services offered. The guaranteed workmanship gives you peace of mind.
  • Condition of the service center: Before you choose a quote, visit the collision repair shop for an initial visit. Pick a clean, well-organized shop with modern equipment.

Looking for an Auto Repair Shop?

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We work with insurance companies and guide our customers through the process so it’s easy and efficient. Contact us today to get a free repair estimate and enjoy exceptional auto repair service at any of our I-CAR Gold Class Certified shops.

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